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Bring your bank accounts, payment tools and accounting platform
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keep track of your money or build your own flows.

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Mission control, for your business.

Most businesses we speak with struggle to keep track of where their money is at between their bank accounts, accounting softwares, and other tools. With Aurelia’s effortless connections, you can see up to date information no matter what bank or invoicing software you use, all in one place.

With smart reconciliation, all this gets matched up and you can focus on growing your business instead of time consuming, manual updates.

Bring your team together.

You shouldn’t have to share passwords just because bank accounts or your tools charge exorbitant fees for team features - if they offer them at all! We built Aurelia so that you can provide secure access to your finances on a case by case basis with granular permissions.

Collaborate with teammates and your accountant, let them propose payments all from one place or add comments on transactions.

Save time with plugins.

Weekend mornings don’t have to be about checking if money has arrived or what needs to be filed next. Go beyond manual tasks with our workflow tools and save time.

Pick one of our recipes for most used flows like keeping your books up to date, paying VAT, or re-invoicing in your company and updating your spreadsheets.

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