Product Designer

About us

The average finance team for a company is between 3 to 10 people. Let that sink in, it takes 10 people today to keep the finances of a medium sized business on track. There’s a sea of ugly excel spreadsheets, government filings, and reports spread between multiple people and to ensure every supplier gets paid on time, every client gets their order and people know how the business is doing. Pretty tiring stuff just to think about really.

We are building a whole new platform for how businesses interact with each other, from how they sell and how they buy all the way to how they file to the government. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “this stuff should be automated” when you heard stories about how businesses run, Aurelia is the place where you can help turn it into reality and help improve how businesses operate.

With help from our investors at Blossom Capital and angel investors from well known companies like GoCardless and Checkout, we’re ready to take on this challenge and are well funded to do so.

your mission

In Aurelia, every designer has a say on where the product goes, we care about speaking with our customers and so we will expect you to speak with them too.

It’s not easy to rethink how finances work between businesses. It’s a space with UX problems that are almost a century old but we care about finding out a way to remove this burden from multiple types of businesses, from online businesses to physical stores to family run businesses.

The status quo is needing multiple tools for all of these administrative tasks, getting an archaic bank user experience, and lack of synchronization between tools, so it’s no surprise that the combination of these tools leads people to operate on monthly reports assembled by a few people in the company.

We’re here to rethink that. You’ll be working with others on distilling what our customers actually care about into new features packed in a convenient, easy to use product.

what you’ll be doing as a product designer

  • Lead design initiatives on our products, this means looking beyond design into preparing for other designers, the design system and more
  • Research and understand problems businesses face from beginning to end, thinking of new features and improvements to make
  • Iterate quickly with the team based on feedback from the users, sometimes working alongside engineers directly
  • Craft new user experiences, with visuals and interaction patterns that feel delightful
  • Whenever we solve something interesting, write about it and share it with the rest of the world

what you need to succeed

  • You’ve been a product designer before or have experience designing and shipping digital products towards businesses or people
  • You seek out ways to improve constantly, to get the best product out into the world
  • You’re familiar with how user research works and are eager to lead in discovering and simplifying fuzzy topics
  • Bonus points if you know how to quickly prototype your designs and share them with the team to collect feedback (Framer, Figma Prototypes, HTML/CSS, etc)
  • You are familiar with Figma and have worked with design tokens before

Perks and how it is to work at Aurelia

We’ve got a big vision in front of us and we think we can achieve it with happy, healthy and motivated people.

  • All our product designers make £80,000 per year gross salary irrespective of where they live in Europe and get a stock options grant when joining. Compensation transparency and fairness is important to us and all numbers are available internally, it’s a core part of how we do business.
  • We’re used to working remotely so you don’t have to get to the office if you don’t want to but we do meet every few months to get together and plan our next actions.
  • You get £7000 to spend on making your setup work for you. This includes furniture and anything else you may need.
  • It goes without saying but we offer relocation support should you need it and fully paid maternity and paternity leave

How to apply?

We know people treat job posts differently, some only apply if they meet every criteria and some if, for example, they've got a strong interest in one of the technologies. We'd recommend you apply regardless of how much of an expert you are with any of these technologies as interest to learn in a small company like we are can matter a lot.

Here's what to do, send these to us on [email protected]:

  • Your portfolio (Behance, Dribbble, etc)
  • A cover letter - Tell us what about Aurelia resonates with you, what would you want to build or re-imagine from the status quo
  • Your resume