Amazon & Xero

Zero to accounting hero in 5 minutes

With workflows, you can instantly create an invoice when a new order is placed in Amazon, update customer information, keep track of your inventory, and more.

Amazon and Xero integration image, depicting a woman looking at the two product logos

What are workflows?

Workflows are an easy-to-use yet powerful tool that let you connect your Amazon store to your Xero account, to automate your day-to-day finance operations.

Workflow example how Amazon order creates sales invoice in Xero if order status is completed

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

Connect your existing Amazon store and Xero accounts. If you are using other tools, we have you covered as well.
Pick an Amazon trigger that will start your workflow, say for example when a new order is placed.
Decide what Xero actions will be executed, like creating sales invoices or updating customer details, you name it.
Now sit back and relax while Aurelia does this over and over again for you.
Product screenshot that is showing example workflow between Amazon, Xero and Slack

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As simple as possible, as complex as needed

Aurelia is built to grow with you. While it's easy to connect Amazon and Xero in less than 5 minutes, it also allows you to get down to the finest details with our advanced editing mode.

Book a demo and build workflows that work perfectly for your growing business.

Product screenshot which shows how you can set up your workflows

In the most reliable way

We know mistakes in accounting can mean days of extra pointless work. Our tool has been built together with accountants and auditors to be reliable and trustworthy so that you can really depend on it.

With Aurelia, you won't have to be afraid anymore. Be extra safe with our bulletproof testing mode, workflow edit history that retraces your every step, or the ability to undo your latest actions.

Product screenshot which shows workflow history
Product screenshot which shows how you can undo deleted Xero action

Accounting never felt so easy before.
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