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Expense handling at your fingertips

Invoice Inbox takes all of your invoices, receipts, and purchase orders, automatically matching them with the bank transaction while categorising their items based on accounting codes.

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How it works?

Stop losing time chasing people and businesses to send their invoices in time or manually downloading invoices each month from forgotten emails and hard-to-use websites.

Invoice Inbox example where you collect all types of invoices, match them against transactions and pay for pending invoices in one place

Collect your invoices and documents in one place

Invoice Inbox is your team's finance robot: it loves all expense and travel documents to put them in their rightful place in accounting. Connect your email with Aurelia and see expense documents picked up automatically, even from Facebook, Google directly.

Product screenshot showing how invoice appears in your inbox

Get 30-day trial and support from our team of accountants

Along with the free trial, you'll get access to our team of accountants who can help you use Aurelia efficiently and support you in growing your business.

Match invoices with bank transactions

Our automatic reconciliation allows you to match invoices or receipts with bank transactions. Next to that, we suggest specific categories and account codes for each of the invoice line items — as time goes on this gets better and faster with you.

Product screenshot which shows how to match invoices to bank transactions

Never miss another bill payment

Pay pending bills on time, every time. You can see all your invoices in one place, initiate payments across all your banks, and send them to accounting instantly after you have paid. All this happens in an instant with no extra fees.

Product screenshot which shows how easy it is to pay for pending invoices

It's time to feel good about your accounting again!
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